Germantown Pike Church of Christ

A family that loves, learns, grows, shares, and serves together!

About Us

Germantown Pike Church of Christ is a friendly, Christ centered body of believers that while diverse are unified through Christ Jesus. We connect to God and each other through our praise and have no creed other than the Bible. We are a loving community that authentically cares for everyone we meet. We are committed to service as we share the message of Christ through teaching and benevolence. We are focused on cultivating spiritual growth locally and internationally. We hope that our lives reflect the changing power of Christ despite our weaknesses and  mistakes. We invite you to join us in learning more about Christ,  His promises and power, and our hope. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you and your family.  

Vision Statement

Germantown Pike Church of Christ strives to be a congregation of believers that change our world one soul at a time by being connected to the power of the gospel, a community of love that cares for everyone we meet, committed to service and sharing, and dedicated to cultivating disciples of Christ. 

Mission Statement

We seek to praise God in our conduct, care for others by demonstrating God's love, share the talents and resources that God has given us as his child, and grow the Kingdom of God through dedicated discipleship.

Our Focus

Christ Centered Living that focuses on:

1. Connection to God and each other through our praise

We seek to honor God and edify one another through engaging, meaningful worship that is conducted in spirit and truth.

2. Community of Love that cares for everyone we meet

We reach out to everyone with compassion and love, ministering to the well being of others as we strive to develop deeper relationships.

3. Commitment to service and sharing

We give of our time, talents, and resources through teaching and benevolence so that all might come to know Christ.

4. Cultivating Disciples of Christ
We encourage personal and spiritual growth with a focus on discipleship in an ongoing effort to expand the Kingdom of God.